Sunday, May 31, 2009

difference between electric circuit and magnetic circuit

you might have learned a lot about electric circuit. you must be knowing Ohm's law. where there is a simple equation.
where V= potential difference across a resistor.
I= current flowing through the resistor
R= resistance
thus we can write this equation in this manner as well
I=V/R (1)
There is similarity in between electric circuit and magnetic circuit.
@=AT/S (2)
@= magnetic flux
AT= total ampere turns
S= reluctance of the magnetic path
Here you can see that when we compare 1 and equation 2 there seems a lot of similarity in between them. in equation no.2 @ is working as I in equation no. 1.
S reluctance is working as R in equation no. 1
But what are the difference in between them.As both of them seems to be similar but they are different from each others.
1. Electrons flow in resistance or wire when electric current flows in it. But there is not such flow in magnetic flux. Actually there is establishment of magnetic flux in the space where they had to be spread.
2. Till there is flow of electric current in the resistor there shall be loss of energy through the resistor. But in case of magnetic flux there is no loss of energy it is just established in the space.
i hope you must have enjoyed this post.